Mary Sue McCarthy, MS, LCPC, NCC 

  Trauma Informed Psychotherapist​​
My therapy practice is founded on my belief that inherent in everyone is the ability to:​​​

  • Know their wants and needs
  • Declare their own truths
  • ​Find the best way forward ​​

As your therapist, my role is to support you in your journey, at whatever place you start, to help you clear the way, navigate through the storms, and celebrate the sunshine.​​​​

  - Mary Sue McCarthy, MS, LCPC, NCC   
About Mary Sue​​

Prior to beginning her counseling career in 2013 as an addictions therapist, Mary Sue served as a Transformative Mediator and Educator for the Baltimore City Circuit Courts, Family Law Division, mediating high conflict custody and visitation cases. She still continues this work as an educator for parents needing co-parenting skills, and preparation for mediation.

Seeking to increase her capabilities in providing reparative experiences, Mary Sue returned to graduate school in her 50’s to obtain her Master’s degree in Counseling from McDaniel College. Her initial interests focused on addiction counseling and group facilitation.

Through this work, she quickly understood that substance abuse can often be a symptom of deeper concerns including PTSD, complex developmental trauma, unrelenting anxiety, OCD, chronic depression, and grief.

In her mind, trauma can mean many things including loss of relationships, and community, accidents, divorce, major life disappointment, natural disasters, as well abuse, neglect and assault. Trauma is something that happens to a person leaving behind implicit, disturbing memories, which may cause a person to feel overwhelming sad, fearful alone and perhaps most importantly stuck in the trauma.

Informed by a neurobiological approach to trauma treatment, Mary Sue’s practice blends several therapies  and theories including an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing),  IFS Parts and Structural Disassociation Theory along with Attachment Theory. Mindful self- observation is also central to Mary Sue’s practice.

To further deepen her practice in trauma resolution, she currently is training to become a Level 1 Sensorimotor Therapist.  Mary Sue is a staunch advocate of continued education and exposure to newer and proven best practices.

Currently in private practice in Hunt Valley, Maryland, Mary Sue welcomes clients 20 years and older for support with not only recovery from addictions and trauma, but also for relief from anxiety, depression and OCD.

She also supports couples with relationship and co-parenting challenges.